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About WorldCom Project:

WorldCom web application created by Murtaza Hassani. My name is Murtaza Hassani I am a full-stack web developer, and graphic designer, graduated from social hacker’s academy.
The Target:
The target of building this application is, to help young people.
But how? what I mean by building a web application?
So I had one plan to help young people in the world and by showing the usage of the power of self-confidence, they can do everything they want and they can come over of everything and achieve their goals and make this world a better place for living, by helping each other taking each other hands, and love each other
Used Tools:
This application built by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase, ReactJs.
1- This is a social media application, people can share posts includes of images, texts.
2- You can create an account, set a profile, and see your own posts, and profile image.
3- You can like other people posts.
4- And comment on other people posts.
5- You can get notifications when someone comment on your posts.
6- You can search people by their id and see their profile posts.
7- And also you can contact very easily and get response very fast.